Welcome to Kamppi Helsinki. This page offers you information and advice on how to make your visit to and arrival at the shopping centre easier.
Arriving at Kamppi Helsinki
Public transport and long-distance buses

The bus terminal is on the shopping centre's E level. You can also get to Kamppi metro station and the K level and the bus terminal from the E level. The escalators to the metro station are located near the yellow ceramic artwork Gekko, in front of K-Supermarket, and the escalators to the K level and the bus terminal are opposite the entrance to the metro station.

For more information about local bus and metro connections to Kamppi Helsinki, please visit hsl.fi.

For more information about Helsinki bus terminal's operations and timetables, please visit matkahuolto.fi.


Opening hours of P-Kamppi and P-CityForum 
Mon–Fri 06:00–24:00
Sat 06:00–24:00
Sun 06:00–24:00

Exit from the car parks 24/7.

Those who drive to Kamppi Helsinki can park in P-Kamppi, which has 250 parking spaces, and P-CityForum, which has 1,300 parking spaces. The entrance to P-Kamppi is located in Olavinkatu. There are three entrances to P-CityForum: in Simonkatu, Jaakonkatu (turn in from Eteläinen and Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu), and Ruoholahdenkatu.

Passenger lifts provide access between the car parks and Kamppi Helsinki.

Kamppi Shopping Centre's address is Urho Kekkosen katu 1.

parking at Kamppi
There is a free taxi booking service from Metrosuutarit Kamppi, E level (entrance from Narinkka 3). The taxi rank is located at the Salomonkatu end of the bus terminal.
Kamppi Helsinki Shopping Centre info

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat 11:00–19:00
Sun closed

You can find our information point on the 1st floor. The information point provides help with all matters concerning the shopping centre.

You can also contact our staff by phone or conveniently on WhatsApp during the information point opening hours.

Contact details: 
+358 40 567 0939

Childcare room

Opening hours:

Mon–Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat 10:00–19:00
Sun 12:00–19:00

You can find our childcare room with a comprehensive range of facilities on the 3rd floor. The room features a free toilet specially designed for small children, a play area, breastfeeding booths, a changing station and a small kitchen equipped with a microwave oven and highchairs. The childcare room is for children aged 0–6.

Please leave buggies, coats and shoes in the space reserved for them at the entrance to the childcare room.


Free toilets can be found in the middle of the restaurant area on the E level, next to the Espresso House on the 1st floor and on the 5th floor in Kortteli. There is also an accessible toilet next to all toilets.

Pay toilets are located on the E level, opposite the Matkahuolto storage lockers, in the corridor next to the Musti ja Mirri shop. These are open to customers even at night when the shopping centre is closed.

Posti Parcel Lockers

Posti's parcel lockers are located on the E level, near the commuter bus terminal. Order and have your package sent directly to Kamppi.

Matkahuolto parcel lockers and service point

The Matkahuolto parcel locker is located on level E next to Metrosuutarit Kamppi (the shoe repair shop).

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 6–24

The Matkahuolto parcel service desk is located on level K, at the edge of Narinkkatori (Narinkka 1). Entry from Narinkkatori through a separate elevator lobby located at the edge of the square.

Opening hours for the parcel service desk:

Mon–Fri 7-19
Sat 10-14
Sun closed

Contact details:
P. 0600 11300

The Matkahuolto service point is located on level K, in the long-distance bus terminal. Departure times can be checked and tickets purchased at the service point.

Opening hours for the service point:

Mon-Fri 7-18
Sat 9–15
Sun closed

Contact details for the service point:
P. 0200 4000 (1.99€/min+network fee)
Available 24/7

For more information: http://www.matkahuolto.fi


The long-distance transport terminal is open 24/7. You can leave your luggage for short- or long-term storage in the 24/7 storage. The storage lockers are located on the platform level and E level of the bus terminal, next to the Musti ja Mirri shop. You can leave clothes, suitcases and other luggage in the lockers.

Opening hours:
E level lobby
Mon–Thu 05:00–02:30
Fri 05:00–04:20
Sat 05:00–04:20
Sun 05:00–02:30

Storage fees/24 hours:
from EUR 5.00

You can store larger items in the storage service, located on the E level, next to Metrosuutarit Kamppi. Storage of larger items by agreement.

Opening hours:
Mon–Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat 10:00–19:00
Sun 12:00–18:00

+358 9 739 010


Lost property

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat 10:00–19:00
Sun 12:00–18:00

Have you lost something? The lost property point is located on the E level, at the corner of Narinkkatori (Narinkka 3). Suomen löytötavaratoimisto, which handles lost property, is located next to Metrosuutarit Kamppi.

If the owner of the item found can be deduced from the item, we will automatically notify him or her. The lost property fee is based on the Lost Property Act, and items found are stored for three months in accordance with the law.

Lost property enquiries:
0600 04401
(EUR 1.99/min+ local network fee)

Face mask dispensers
You can buy a face mask from the face mask dispensers located on the E level (between Café Picnic and 1Store and between the long-distance bus terminal and K-Supermarket). The machines sell masks of different sizes for EUR 4–7. Payment can be made by MobilePay or cash.
Floor maps
Contact details
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Shopping Center Manager
Ksenia Betko
Junior Shopping Centre Manager
Marianna Viirre
Marketing Manager
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Maintenance Manager
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Property Manager